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Automatic swing door for commercial buildings

China Commercial buildings automatic swing doors operators, electric swing door operators for commercial buildings, manufacturer, factory, supplier. Low price, high quality.

The CE swing door operator allows automation of any type of swing door, whether new or old.
Designed for intensive use, it is suitable for all places where large numbers of people are moving around: commercial buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants...

Particularly studied for entrance doors in premises used for stays of handicapped, sick or old people.
Three types of implementing arm allow to resolve all the situations of installation. The DFA is certified like closing device for smoke and fire doors for fire prevention.

The door is opened by micro-controller. The door is closed by an electro-mechanical device.


◆Become inductive automatic door by connecting sensor inductor.

◆Become identifying automatic door by connecting code remote control or card reader and other door access control system.

◆Become apartment automatic door by connecting building intercom system.

◆Become long-distance wiring control automatic door by connecting push button on the table or wall.

◆Automatic open/close set as required when on fire by connecting to fire alarm equipment.

◆Automatic close on pilferage by connecting to theft alarm equipment.

◆Become double leaf automatic doors by simultaneous performance of 2 operators.

Know more about the commercial buildings automatic swing door operators, or get the price list, just contact us.
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