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Disability Handicap door opener

Disability Handicap door openers

The commercial public access handicap door openers SD2108TM provides the most cost effective power door automation available for handicap swing doors in public places (ADA compliant). We are China automatic handicap doors, motorized electric disability swing doors operator supplier, factory, manufacturer. Cheap price, good quality.

SD2108TM disability,door openers for disabled, handicap power door operators kit, is ideal for retrofit or new construction and automates, Handicap power swing doors up to 4.0 feet (120mm) wide and 270lb(120kg) weight. 220V, 110V, 24V DC. It is a external mounting system, intended for high-traffic, full-time applications.
Handicap door opener Price: $ 235 - 395 / Set 

     Single swing door Model                                                                             Double swing door Model

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Handicap door opener Features &Advantages:

◇ Microcomputer technology, self-learning.

◇ Push& go function: The door can open automatically by manual push, or will stop/reverse on obstacles.

◇ Manual access when power off

◇ Excellent reliability passed more than 2 million cycles durability tests.

◇ Automatic overload protection. Intelligent encountered obstacles protection, Intelligent over-temperature protection, Electric lock control function

◇ Intelligent control system with adjustable parameters.

◇ Advanced brushless motor and worm wheel reducer are integrated, with lower consumption, energy saving, high efficiency, great torque and long life. with low noise, easy installation

◇ The door can be opened or closed by remote control, password card reader, microwave sensor. body sensor, switch button.

◇ Safety beam protects the guest from bumping the door, safety and reliable. (Optional)

◇ Optional backup battery can ensure the normal operation when the power failure (Optional)

◇ CE certificate.

Disability Handicap door opener Optional Accessories:

1. Adjust controller

2. Electric lock strike

3. Exterior/Interior Wall switch

4. Body passive sensor

5. Safety beam

6. Access keypad

If you want to know more about automatic Handicap door opener, electric Disability swing door operator, just contact us.

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