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Sliding gate opener

We are professional sliding gate Operator system, automatic electric sliding gate openers manufacturers and factory in China. Cheap price, good quality. We can produce sliding gate Operators according to your requirements.
The slide gate is probably the most commonly used type of automatic gate in light-duty commercial applications.The slide gate is mounted parallel to the inside of the fence and slides horizontally back and forth across the gate opening. The motors drived the slide gate automaticlly for pedestrian use or drive way use.

One kit configuration list:

Motors, control board build inside, mounting accessories, release key, two remote controls



◇ High quality Cast aluminum alloy base & Casing Stylish, Compact Design

◇ High sensitivity obstruction detection with automatic reverse. And the reverse force is adjustable.

◇ With built-in thermal protector, for protection when the motor heat up to rated temperature

◇ MCU is supplied to control the gate operator

◇ Keypad / single button interface.

◇ Photo beam safety beam interface

◇ Auto-close function is adjustable, and the time delay closed is adjustable.

◇ Manual key release design for emergency purposes.

◇ Electronic Soft Start & Stop

◇ 24V Back up battery can be connected (Only for DC model.)


Inside view


Electrical and control board

control_system2 control_system

Sliding Gate opener optional accessories:


Sliding gate opener Packaging:

SNC14847 SNC14848

Sliding Gate opener Specification:



(Model HEG 300 )

Max gate opener: 500 kg

220V/110V AC, 50Hz, 300W

GW: 12Kg NW: 9.5Kg

Packaging : 33cm*26cm*35cm




(Model HEA370 ) Hot sell

Max gate weight: 800 kg

220V/110V AC, 50Hz, 370W

GW: 14Kg NW: 12.5Kg

Packaging: 36cm*36cm*27cm

(Model HEA550 ) Heavy duty

Max gate weight: 1200 kg

220V AC, 50Hz, 550W

GW: 14Kg NW: 12.5Kg

Packaging: 36cm*36cm*27cm



(Model HEB370 ) Hot sell

Max gate weight: 800 kg

220V/110v AC, 50Hz, 370W

GW: 14Kg NW: 11.5Kg

Packaging : 33cm*38cm*33cm

(Model HEB550 ) Heavy duty

Max gate weight: 1200 kg

220V AC, 50Hz, 550W

GW: 14Kg NW: 11.5Kg

Packaging: 33cm*38cm*33cm



(Model HEB750 ) Heavy duty

Max gate weight: 1800 kg

220V/110v AC, 50Hz, 750W

GW: 14Kg NW: 12.5Kg

Packaging: 36cm*36cm*27cm



(Model CAN-DC ) DC series

Max gate weight: 600Kg

24V DC, 50Hz, 120W

GW: 14Kg NW: 12.5Kg

Packaging: 36cm*36cm*27cm




Sliding Gate opener more details:

The HE Classic Sliding Gate Operator is a rack and pinion single slide gate opener meant for residential use only. It should be used on driveway gates in single home residential settings constructed of aluminum, light steel, wood, or chain link. Featuring a large motor and small housing the HE Classic Sliding Gate Operator is perfect for discrete residential installation without giving up any power.

The sliding gate opener features magnetic limit switching. The track has a magnet to trigger the closed stopping point of the gate and learns the open point, providing an easy to install and reliable method of ending your gate's travel. Mechanical limits can break or wear out over time, the magnet system has no contact so there is nothing to wear down, just reliable stopping every time.

The control board is built to be inherently intelligent and easy to learn the opening and closing times.

The Control Board highlights adjustable obstruction sensing in both open and close modes to minimize damage to the gate and the obstruction during periods of impediment. The control board also allows the user to adjust their system for auto closing and gate sequencing.

The sliding gate opener is compatible with Double Remote controls. These remotes are 433 MHz works consistently at a 200 foot range. The Remote controls are exclusively compatible with the Operator due to its matching built-in receiver.
If you want to know more about automatic sliding gate operator or swing gate opener, Just contact us. If you want to get sliding gate opener's price list, please subscribe the newest price.

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