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We are professional China swing gate Openers system, automatic swing gate operator manufacturer and factory in China. We can produce swing operators according to your requirements.

Swing gates are most commonly used in residential applications because of their low cost and ease of installation. Because swing gates travel over a large arc, space must be available to allow vehicles approaching the gate to remain clear while the gate opens or closes. The swinging arc of the gate also requires additional safety considerations to prevent people or vehicles from being hit or trapped by the moving gate.

Swing gates are hinged on one side and swing open and closed like a door. Swing gates typically travel a 90 degree arc between their open and closed positions. Swing gates can consist of a single leaf or double leafs and can be in-swinging or out-swinging.

One set configuration list:
Two swing gate openers, Two remote control transmitters, One control box, mounting accessories



Automatic swing gates Projects


Swing gate opener optional accessories:

Photo cell                             wall switch                  caution light              electronic lock

Swing gate opener Circuit diagram:


Swing gate opner Features:

◊ Open and close the gate by remote controls.

◊ Auto closing when the gate is open. Time duration can be programmed from 0 to 99 s

◊ Auto stop when the running gate meet with resistance;

◊ The force of motor can be programmed;

◊ It is selectable to control 1 leaf or 2 leaves;

◊ It can be connected with 24V storage battery.

How to install Swing gate opener?

Swing gate operator Specification:

Input Power

110V or 220V AC 50Hz

Rated output power of motor

24V DC 80W

Max single-leaf weight


Max gate wing length





Rolling code

Environmental temperature


Packaging size

83cm x 28cm x 28.5cm

Swing gate operator more details:

The swing gate openers are designed to be easy to install for the average handyman. Every unit comes standard with everything needed to automate your gate, including mounting brackets. The magnetic limit switches are adjustable on the bottom of the arm; simply slide them to where you need them. It has fully adjustable brackets that can be made to fit any situations including push to open. Installers have alternate parts for gate openers on hand; homeowners do not; that is why these brackets are designed to fit all needs.

Also included is The Swings unique user directed instruction manual. Being closely involved with its customers, has created the first user driven updateable manual for continuous improvement of installation ease, maintenance and trouble shooting updates.

All Our Swing gate operators are built to the highest standards world wide. Each unit is put through rigorous quality control testing on each component.

With the SW-PK05 the power for the cycles comes directly from the 24V transformer plugged into a standard outlet; the batteries (not included and optional) are strictly backup for power outages. Thus add another level of reliability and peace of mind.
If you want to know more about automatic swing gate operator or sliding gate openers, Just contact us. If you want to get price list, please subscribe the newest price.

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